Month: February, 2013

a split second

north of the united states, in the middle of school and totally consumed with that which he wishes to consume…he sits.  not in a chair, not at his table but in the middle of it all, on top of it all. and i love him in this moment too much to move him.  or help […]

the center

at the center of my table.  waiting patiently to see the center.  a bit of sunshine and color in the center of all this snow.  purchased at the farmer’s market in the center of my little town.  center. #projectlife365 #center


we say snow but, here in germany they call it schnee.  whatever you call it, it doesn’t seem to go a week without falling here, this winter.  and i love it.  like skip-through-the-flakes, catch-it-on-your-tongue, examine-the-awesome-shapes, and sit-in-the-peacefulness-of-it-all love it. even more when i spot little heart shaped snowflakes hugging as they fall.  you see it? […]

what we do

people ask me what we do all day.  do we have a curriculum that we use?  people ask me how I can guarantee my kids won’t be socially awkward.  do we wear pajamas all day?  how do I know they are learning anything?  how do I do it all?  they just don’t understand it…and that’s totally ok. […]

daily life

it ain’t easy being small.  what is it about being a grown up that just seems so awesome? every day, i watch my little people avoid naps, dress up in big people clothes, be bored and pretend they can drive a line of chairs.  just wait, you four.  one day… you will BEG for someone […]


i watch them play.  in and out of the curtain, laughing and running into each other.  two point five years apart, roughly. when i look at them, i see that the oldest was once four.  and he was once 18 months.  and it’s hard to remember what he was like then.  moments flash back between […]