Month: January, 2013

week four: macro

i am 31 years old.  i homeschool my kids.  no joke, i had no idea snowflakes really looked like the paper cut-outs i made in 2nd grade (or last week if we were being totally honest).  i know.  my kids are doomed. i am constantly amazed at the wonders God provides for us.  is he […]

week three: winter

the challenge?  winter. easy to do when you live in such a magically, snowy place. knee deep in snow, pulled off on the side of a road.  sideways glanced at and not able to feel my pointer finger. but i had to get it. this is winter here and now.  cold and covered, seemingly endless […]

joy in the fresh

learning new things about our new home daily.  the jaw-drop-smile kind. there are roosters right behind our local market.  in someone’s yard.  and they doodle-do all day at random intervals.  but you won’t hear it unless you stop.  and wait for it. the church bells ring in the town center.  all day at the most bizarre and […]


a freshly made bed.  no one is watching. temptation won. #projectlife365 #temptation

week two: peace

remember that challenge i am taking part in?  no, not that one.  that one is a photo a day with hashtags and such.  no, this one is the photo a week one.  yeah.  with a new challenge each week to keep you on your toes and get you thinkin creatively…yeah, that one. this week’s challenge […]

greatly reduced in size

mini.  something small of it’s kind. mini person.  mini sweater.  mini big boy jeans with mini pockets.  mini chocolate in mini hands.  mini little man who big time melts me. #mini #projectlife365

spreading thin

i don’t make resolutions.  but i am very good at spreading myself too thin. january comes around and i resolve not to resolve anything.  january is this magical month that comes with feelings of newness and fresh starts.  i am all about bettering ones self and starting over again but i just know me.  i […]

here's the deal

i hate to say “i am so busy right now!” because everyone is busy.  everyone has schedules and people and to-dos and life taking up their every minute and it just doesn’t feel right to say “it”.  the feeling of boredom has not been known to me for as long as i can remember.  free […]

week one: selfie

so i joined a year long photography challenge group run by a sweet friend.  this being the first week, i was stoked to get the newest assignment (she hides them from us!) and get to gettin creative. self portrait. shoot.  this is difficult. how hard is it to do a self portrait without looking like […]

ornament of twenty twelve

we buy an ornament every year.  buy.  it has meaning to the year and the kids have, of late, helped pick it out. in an effort to be good with our money and an effort to have a meaningful ornament, we went about making our own.  someone (was that you Rachel S?) posted this idea […]