Month: December, 2012


thought i would copy something i saw on pinterest.  first baby?  first ornament?  should be easy enough. nope.  remember that thing they teach you in baby class about how baby’s have that gorilla grip thing that has them close their hands really tight?  i learned they don’t close it tight on things… we painted the […]

comfortable adjustments

we are here and we are getting adjusted.  a new home in a new city in a returned-to country.  it’s funny when you move, that you forget the things you need to get used to. keys make a new, unfamiliar noise as they jangle to the lock. radio stations are found.  buttons one through six […]

more of you

but you aren’t in any?!  she is mad about it and kind of shocked at this new realization.  eight years old and she is just now seeing it.  and she isn’t happy. i can help you, she tells me.  i can hold your camera very carefully and take your picture so you can be in […]