Month: November, 2012

coming down

the second snow of the year, here in Stuttgart.  can’t get enough…

lost and found

corbin lost his tooth in the middle of the night.  it was loose for weeks, i have been tugging on it daily and it falls out in the middle of the night?!  we thought we lost it.  we thought housekeeping accidentally threw it out with the dirty sheets or vacuumed it up.  but then we […]

lovely poison

sometimes the loveliest things in life, are actually poison. trying to remember this as black friday and the craze of the holiday shopping season comes around. trying to focus on giving instead of getting.  on helping instead of needing.  on loving instead of seeking. but it is hard.  and  often times, i fail.  flail.  drown in the […]

my name is...

@amybphotography and i am addicted to instagram.  i love it.  i love that you can capture tiny, seemingly mundane moments of your daily life and share them with others.  i love that you are forced to think inside a twobytwo box of creativity.  i love that others can validate your creativity/weirdoness by liking your images. […]

a walk in the new

walking in the woods does not sound pleasant to me.  the woods, at least where i am from, brings up awful flashes of serial killers and other such unfortunate thoughts.  one of the things i was most looking forward to, when moving back to germany, was the gorgeous walking paths found strewn about the country. […]

family in my pocket

remember this awesome family?  you know…the ones i teased you with a few weeks back?  well here is the full session.  i love these people.  if i could put them in my pocket and take them everywhere with me, i would. don’t you just love them?  soren and his red hair and curiosity and witty […]