Month: October, 2012

rocked my world

this family.  they took a chance on me, they invited me in and they rocked my world. and this little woman….she is my second favorite caelin in the world.  she is pretty stinkin awesome! when my business was new and growing, they let me photography finley.  fin was four months old at the time and […]

how did it take this long

in the hustle and bustle of moving, i can’t stop thinking about this family.  these images.  these connections.  these laughs.  my husband was totally holding out on me for the last TEN YEARS in not forcing us all to spend time together!   he has known them this whole time, where as i, just within […]

good day to be a Day

remember this gorgeous couple?  the one i have been not-on-purpose teasing you with?  the one you have been hounding me (with your facebook, email and even instagram comments) to see?  welp… [said in my greatest Rafiki from Lion King voice] it is time. she had never dated anyone else.  not because there was no one […]

life lines

it was a final project in my college photography course.  a series of images based on whatever we wanted to photograph and i chose hands.  not just “hands” as we see them but the emotion so visible in how we use our hands.  friends still make fun of me for it, for asking nearly everyone […]