Month: August, 2012

a happy blue

the arrows taunted us as we made our way home.  they promised fresh berries in a small field.  it was sunset and we had no where to be, so we played the maze of houses, made a few wrong turns and ended up in a double wide’s drive way.  and it was there.  a small, […]

film: ferries

a trip across the sound.  alone.  and very aware of all the lovely details to be found on a form of aquatic transportation. the reflections.  and unknown faces behind.  the blaring horn that scares you so bad you end up laughing like a crazy person. the swirls.  the bubbles.  the searching for dolphins amidst the […]

film: cherry red

they grew up in that back yard.  up until recently, so did he. they weren’t for eating.  they were just for fun.  just so mama could take pictures of my red lipped boy with his red dripped treasures. he was proud.  and scared of bugs.  but more proud.  he snuck one to see what it […]

on island time

he brought her most favorite cookies for her to snack on pre-wedding.  he loves her like that.  he called her “my darling” and she lit up from the sound.  she pretended to gag everytime something sweet or sappy was said but deep down, i think she loved it. this place?  it was important.  built by […]

film: mac

this is mac.  he is quite possibly the smartest dog to have ever lived. his person is a dear friend of mine and dog trainer extraordinaire!  they came up to seattle for a visit back in oh-nine, let me take them for a walk in our cute downtown and snap a few back alley shots. […]

sneak to the sneak

i really really really really really want to post this gorgeous wedding today but it will have to wait a few days.   so i am going to sneak peek the sneak peek to you!  aren’t they lovely?!  come back in a few days or wait for me to flood your news feed on facebook…it’s […]