Month: July, 2012

because they asked

we have been going for a lot of bike rides lately.  i grew up in this neighborhood but i had never seen this spot before.  we were there in the blazes of noon and my girl casually asked me if this looked like a good place for a photo shoot.  “like at sunset?  with the […]

light ever rising

i didn’t want to tell them about it.  such a heavy burden for their little hearts and minds to carry.  i didn’t want to scare them or scar them or have them fear the people they are surrounded with.  i didn’t want them to dread stepping in a theatre ever again.  i wanted to make […]

the perfect picnic

i had just gotten done lecturing the oldest on her attitude.  it was sour.  full of complaints and dreary, monotone comments.  like there was nothing exciting about the amazing day we were headed to. the sun was out, we had a paper bag full of yummy food and my gramma’s patchwork quilt tucked under our […]

nick + lauren

there is so much story about this beautiful wedding.  so many loving people that came together to help pull this celebration off.   so many people that adore this couple and this family.  just so much warm and fuzzy love wrapped in to one big, joyous union!  every detail, every bit of decoration, every service […]

johnathan + alli

you got to see my lil bro + my new sis-in-law and all their wedding goodness the other day.  and i know you were thinking “wow!  i see what a good looking family amy has?! [what happened to her?!]” but just wait.  oh just you wait.  there. is. more.  meet my big bro (just by […]