Month: June, 2012

project life

i used to be addicted to scrapbooking.  i used to make pages with tons of embellishments and glorious patterns or textures.  or both. now…i just want to take pictures.  i don’t have time for glue dots and felt flowers and distressed chipboard. so i take images of my day that tell the story of our […]

mr and mrs little bro

my little brother got married.  he forced me to go to hawaii.  it was torture. make up artist: Ari Kaainoa (she was AWESOME and friendly and HIGHLY recommended if you are getting married in Oahu!) his bride was so beautiful, it was difficult to work with her.  her dress?  to die for… the men folk busied […]

we shall call him…

buck.  cause those two front teeth…they are just huge.  but they are so cute! he had his first dental check up today.  he was awesome!  just laid back and chill while the dentist did his thing! big brother was worried so he held his hand.  the whole time.  softly and gently, he held those little […]

on saying g'bye

it always sucks when someone you love has to leave.  be it a night or a year…it just isn’t awesome.  it is the opposite of awesome. he will only be gone for three months and we will still be able to talk to him lots, but it still hurt to say g’bye. i begged to […]

lauren + nick

going through this gorgeous couple’s photos and find myself gasping.  out loud.  really?!  so much beauty in one couple?!  do you hear that chorus of angels singing… can’t wait to share more!!!

unfinished business

you remember baby harper from a few weeks back right?  well…i promised the rest of the images and a tear-jerker of a story.  now is that time. harper’s mama and i were in the same circle of friends in high school.  man i wish i had gotten to know her better then.  she is awesome […]

blessed are his children

sometimes he gets them all wound up. sometimes he buys too many sets of legos. sometimes he feeds them too much junk food. sometimes his discipline seems too rough. sometimes he accidentally hurts them when they “wrassle”. sometimes his lectures go a little long.  with too many big words.  like annotate or tertiary. sometimes i forget […]

one of those days...

the kind when it all seems to be wrong. when you just want to go back to bed. when their ears seem to have no function except for the occasional small object holder. when people stare at you in public.  multiple people on multiple occasions. when you feel like you really do live in and […]