Month: May, 2012

perfect storm

life is chaos right now. it feels like it is sitting in piles to be sold or moved. it feels like a mish mash of all the food people only wanted one bite of.  like a lesson in creative cooking with only half a bottle of teriyaki sauce, artichoke hearts and some bottom-of-the-bag cereal. it […]

locks of love

she grew it out for almost three years.  she knew, the whole time, that she wanted to do this again.  so…she waited patiently, tucking her hair behind her ears and asking for a pony tail nearly every day, as it grew.  we measured every now and then, to make sure she had long enough strands. […]

harper mae

i had to post these before i left for my two week vacation.  she is too beautiful to have to wait.  meet sweet harper mae!  i have so much to write about this precious babe but you will just have to wait for the FULL post of her images once i get back!  she was […]

one last squeeze

a dear friend of mine has to say “see you soon” to her sweet husband today.  if you are close to someone in the military, you know this happens all too often.  and it never gets easier.  while they have been through many a deployment before, this is the first that involved a little person […]

almost there

[welcome to my everyday] it’s so hard to be three. it also seems hard to be short. and in your underwear when in such close proximity to the inside of a fridge. power through it buddy…you’ve almost got it!