Month: April, 2012

connor & avery

he looks just like big sis did when she was born.  i can only tell this by the photos of her though.  when i hold him in my arms and giggle at how chunky he is or nuzzle his sweet cheeks or play with his soft hair…it’s an odd mix of joy and longing.  i […]

taking the time

sometimes the amount of directions i set myself up to be pulled, it’s overwhelming. sometimes i wake up in a panic about my to-do list. sometimes i don’t know what task to check off first. sometimes it is embarrassing. sometimes people get mad at me. sometimes i don’t know how to please everyone, even though i […]

focus people

i can’t swing him very high yet.  he’s only 8.5 months and hasn’t learned to hold on to the chain.  stupid baby.  [collective gasp] you know i am kidding.  but as we were at the park the other day, i was forced to remember how hard it is to take pictures of little people on […]

awkward anyways

i feel awkward pulling out my big ol camera.  all.  the.  time.  i pull it out all the time and i feel awkward all the time.  but i do it anyways. i feel funny stepping in front of the other mommas at the swimming pool.  or the park.  or the grocery store.  blocking their view […]