Month: March, 2012

take that

sat down to clean up my desk. accidentally hit my mouse. this face popped up on screen. now i really feel like going all chuck norris on my messy office. thanks for the inspiration, jonah.


someday when she wonders “why?”… or forgets that she is loved by her papa… or just wants to remember his hugs… or thinks we are just plain mean… or wonders how she was raised… or needs to remember she has a safe place… or wants to know what forgiveness feels like… someday…she can come back […]

so she will

when i ask her to get dressed, she comes down stairs in a monochromatic outfit.  teal flip flops, teal pants, teal shirt, teal headband and teal jacket.  “it matches” she tells me.  yes.  it certainly does.  i smile and go ahead and take her in public because…well…there is never too much teal. when she combs […]

just can't get enough

i just can not get enough of my sweet nephew.  no seriously.  i can’t.  i am editing some of my favs and want to post them all.  and kiss my screen.  and maybe even drive all the way up to their house this very minute just to sniff youth out of his hair.  hope you […]

no shame

the rain is coming down today.  snow the day before and sometime, in the blur of last week…there was sun.  remember log-rolling down hills?  my kids love it.  we don’t even have that steep of a hill but they attack that slope like it was the world’s greatest.  grass stained knees, twigs knotted to their […]

true capture

i asked (on my facebook page) yesterday what my blog readers would like to see more of.  the majority ruled towards personal stories and photography tricks.  so i thought i would share a little bit of both today. i personally loved this image the minute it snapped.  it’s blurry, it’s colorful, it’s crooked, it’s emotional…it’s […]

mama see

he is sitting up now. this is my view throughout the day. but he is also trying to stand now. this can’t be. and i thought about deleting this one.   or editing it.  but then…no. his breakfast is dried onto his face after a misjudged cleaning job on my behalf. his nails are in […]

all of addy

since i am finishing up a gorgeous album for baby addy, i thought i should post darn near all the images from her session… love this baby.  love this family.  can’t wait for them to love their album!