Month: January, 2012

baby addy

she is here!  and she is perfect!  and she could hardly stand to wait for her sneak peak…so here it is! see?  perfect.  i could stare at her all day. they kinda love her… big sis was my fav to watch.  when addy was in momma’s tummy, sis didn’t seem too thrilled.  she didn’t really […]

sleeping babe

what is it about sleeping babies?  is it just me?  i just can’t get enough of him. i have been challenging myself to take a picture every day.  just one, of something…anything that has to do with our daily lives.  i can’t seem to also post them to share with the world but i am […]

full sized sheets

you got bits n’ pieces of the sheets wedding but now…you get the full size post.  so this is michael and kate and you may have seen their faces around here before.  kate is part of the family that i am lucky enough to spend lots of time with.  michael is her beau.  and they […]

sheets of music

remember these two loverlies?  i know you have been on the edge of your seat to see more of their gorgeous wedding?!  click here for the slideshow and enjoy every minute of it! Slideshow Presentation – Showit Slideshow Licensed Music From Triple Scoop Featuring Mindy Gledhill – Anchor Images ©Amy B Photography Venue – Catta […]

14th of january

surprise tea party hosted by my daughter.  put on for me to enjoy the minute i returned home from a busy day.  included: stale cookies from christmas, fancy jewelry and a boy who wouldn’t wear pants.  it was the best. 14 january 2012.

13th of january

with valor

i have been a military wife for almost seven years now.  i can’t say i have seen it all, i can’t say i know the ropes, but i can say i have met more than a few heroes in my day.  the real kind.  not the hero that we joke about who returned a lost […]

true hero

blessed to meet a true hero this morning.  can’t wait to share more!

expecting addy

the fog was rolling in…wait…who am i kidding.  the fog had straight OWNED the morning of our shoot.  i am sure at one point in my life i would have been very disgruntled by the unplanned weather change but for this day, i could not have been more excited.  fog.  and a beautiful, pregnant mamma, […]