Month: December, 2011

announcing ford

i do not have patience.  not even sure what it really is other than someone tells me i am not allowed to do something, i don’t listen and then i get my hand slapped.  but this time…i won.  she didn’t tell me not to share (in fact, i think she told me i could) but […]

here's to you mrs.robinson

she giggled like crazy at everything i said the night i first met her.  i liked her instantly.  so when she asked if i would photograph her wedding before her beau had even proposed, there was no question about it.  i was beyond flattered and wanted to call todd in kuwait and make him propose […]

plus ford makes four

kid’s got some hair!  isn’t it awesome?  meet Ford.  he is the baby brother of the famous Cole (remember him at five months?  or his one year party?  or his Christmas photos?) and he called me down for a visit just over a week after his arrival.  i tried to take him home in my […]