Month: November, 2011

fabulous by design

she is crazy talented.  in fact, i went a bit star struck when i realized who she was.  i am a recovering scrapbook addict and she is, like famous, in that world.  i used to buy her products (that she designed in her awesomeness of graphic designing) in both the ol paper & scissors style […]

mr. & mrs. smith

remember this red hot couple?  yup…they are married now!  mr & mrs smith…but way better than the movie!  what a blast it was to photograph their fox island wedding and gig harbor party!  honey (sweet at her name and more gorgeous than you can imagine) was such a fun and giggly bride.  and derek?  for […]

the joy of giving

you need to know this family.  they will do anything for someone in need.  they will do anything for someone just to make that person’s day a bit brighter.  you need to experience what friendship is like with them.  it will melt you to the core.  i don’t know if i have ever done this […]

big difference

she gave it to me as a gift.  she is SO thoughtful, noticed i had pinned it on pinterest and bought it for my sweet baby boy because…well…nothing could be more perfect.  thanks sis!  she knows that more often times than not, my kids are exactly that.  my assistants.  they help me pack my bags […]

the doodle & co.

i love you all, you know that right?  but this girl?  she holds the most specialest place in my heart.  yes, special-est is a word.  this is my niece!  so far my only niece.  my favorite niece.  she is laughter and opinion and cuddles and shy and she lights up everyone and everything around her. […]

the fantastic four

it was really cold.  colder than i expected.  the plans i had for a leisurely stroll through ballard on a crisp fall morning turned into red noses, running snot and cold little people.  but they still looked like the gorgeous family that they were and we had some fun of it… with things like impromptu dance parties […]

gets it from me

his crazy hair i mean.  my feelings aren’t hurt when all i hear people say is “he is totally a ballard!” because i know…he is totally a ballard.  in fact, it makes me proud.  i am proud to be a ballard so i am thankful that my kids have no chance of possibly disowning their […]