Month: October, 2011

schultz wedding

remember these gorgeous people?  i get to see them again tonight for their image reveal!!  check out their wedding slideshow here! slideshow made using Showit.

beautiful heart

they weren’t sure if their sweet baby girl was going to live.  only getting to hold her for minutes at a time, they waited patiently by her side, longing for the next bundle of time with their sweet bundle. Children’s Hospital in Seattle was a temporary home while reagan’s doctor tried everything he could to […]

what it is like

meet the wilson family.  i had the pleasure of getting to know mama and big sis on a mission trip to guatemala but this was the first time to hang with the whole fam.   they are a real kick in the pants! mom and dad are beyond adorable.  i couldn’t hear what they were […]

spend our day

sunday is usually Family Nap Day.  we get up early, yell at all the kids to get ready faster so we can go worship Jesus and then have a lovely lunch together as a family.  of course, a nap is necessity after sunday lunch. sunday’s are very relaxing.  unless we get sidetracked.  like last sunday. and we […]


i like to make things.  like scrapbooks, birth announcements and babies.  this little project covered all three!  [wink wink]  i had this printed (double side) 5×7 on a heavy stock, matte card to be mailed out to family and friends.  love these little personal projects! all images ©Amy B Photography 2011

takes you back

i forgot about a roll of film that i dropped off in january.  just picked it up today.  it made my day. this is our trip to LA for thanksgiving of 09.  i started shooting film back in the day with a hasselblad i purchased on ebay.  it really is my true love despite all […]