Month: September, 2011

fantastically elaine

she told me she was “no good at getting her picture taken”.  do pants ever really catch on fire?  or pretty white summer dresses for that matter… whether she believed in herself or not, she was perfection in front of that lens.  i know elaine a fair amount.  i know that she is quiet in […]

with cream please

the cream to cookie ratio is all wrong.  i know it is a double stuff but there is still too much chocolate waffer getting in the way of the creamy goodness.  so i don’t eat them. i used to throw them away until i met my dear friend lindsay.  you know it is meant to […]

too many hours

he didn’t eat breakfast.  he misbehaved terribly.  he was punished for his behavior and sat under the shadow of two disappointed frowns, trying to operate under tough love, as we prepared for the day. in the car, just as we were about to leave, he let a tear fall.  “i don’t want to be away […]

kris & rachael

august.  it was hot that day.  her smile was more radiant than the overhead sun and his excitement was beyond contagious.  it was a gorgeous. sneakers.  they are her thing.  instead of cramming her tootsies in a gorgeous shoe that her feet would fight, she wore a beautiful new set of an old fav.  and […]

fun fact: diet coke

i love diet coke.  but you know that, right?  there are a few things about my relationship with diet coke…sharing this may make me sound a bit OCD but really…it’s just my pref.  when it comes to diet coke…i am kinda a diva about it. it really tastes best in a glass with ice.  or […]

best friends

mandy and i met at a photography convention in seattle.  she is crazy fabulous (check out her work here) and had two crazy fabulous friends that were all together at the same time…which is not often.  so of course we needed to do a best friend session…. christy (on the left) was here from nashville […]

2011 fabulous mini sessions

Mini Sessions were such a hit last year that I wanted to repeat the fabulous.  For $275, you get a 30 minute session and your choice of a Print Package or Custom Photo Greeting Cards.  Take your pick of three different cities on three different days.  They book up fast so please email me to […]

fun fact friday

i am always hesitant to throw up personal stories, images and such on the blog.  not sure if my readers wish to see that.  questions float through my head like “do they even care?” or “do they think i am full of myself?” and all these insecurities gnaw at me.  but then i realize how much i […]

faux day of school

it was a relaxing sort of day.  we didn’t plan on starting school today…you know…with the big hoorah and the excitement even though it was the first day for the public schools around us.  we were going to start next week after everything was all orderly and in place.  that is the control freak in […]