Month: August, 2011

my best friend, create

“creating” is a strange thing for me.  i crave it.  what i make may be ugly to some or not make sense to others but to make something with my mind, with my hands…it’s my BFF.  and when i do get to make something?  i turn two years old and i pull at my momma’s […]

free is good

megan!  you win!!  but wait…this means you have to let someone actually TAKE your picture!  😉  if you are going to be in the area before the end of november, i would love to shoot your face!  and the rest of the fam too! thank you everyone for letting me know your favorites of the […]

creme de la creme collection

ooo la la!  last set but loving this one for the many looks it offers!  creamy colors, beautiful frames and just make me feel all fancy and stuff!  😉  so now that you have seen them all, which card would you love to send out to all your adoring fans? want to win a set […]

ornate frames

another set with beautiful bold colors and fanciful frames!  it is SO hard to choose!  i honestly wish I could make one of each card to send out for our pics this year!  speaking of…i have set the dates for the mini sessions!  look for them coming soon to an amyb blog near you!

holiday banner

LOVING this set!  meet the banner collection!  so many cards to choose from right?!  not only were the designs just too hard to choose from that i had to give in and get them all but…i wanted to make sure my spectacular clients had lots of options to choose from!  has your favorite changed?  i […]

shades of green christmas

took the weekend off but have a few more sets to share with you!  feel like going green this Christmas?  loving this set!  such a perfect shade of green that i am certain it will go perfect with any color scheme you choose!

christmas cottage

going for a touch of that warm, winter blanket by the fire feel.  i love the cream, the simplicity and the water color images on this set!  what do you think?  can’t you just picture you and your loved ones frolicking in the snow to get the perfect images for these cards?!

little and big

biggest brother with littlest brother.  big loves little so much already that it blows my mind.  the second i appear with little in my arms, big has his arms out ready to snatch him away.  these are the things i never expected.  never imagined to fall in love with the love between siblings…or never imagined […]

chalkboard christmas

i may be a bit obsessed with chalkboard walls right now so this set immediately jumped out at me!  gorgeous deep colors paired with that rustic chalkboard feel…yum yum!  remember that colors can be changed to match the theme of your images!  thanks to jamie schultz designs for these fantastic cards! i love seeing my families on […]

sheer elegance

day two of trying my darndest to entice you into using your amy b photography images with the 2011 christmas card line up!  this collection from jamie schultz designs is called sheer elegance and is nothing short of just that.  i received my sample sets in the mail so you can actually touch and see […]