Month: May, 2011

hello jello

this has nothing to do with photography right now.  this has everything to do with nothing actually.  if you really get down to it, it is a picture that makes me think a ton of things.  i made this jello rainbow fabulousness for a get-to-gether we were having with the teens from church.  wanting to […]

lauren and connor

meet connor and lauren.  two of the most genuine people i have ever met.  i was so honored to be the one they chose to photograph their wedding.  they treated me like we were the oldest of friends and shared with me the sweet stories of their deep, true love for each other.  the entire […]

sweetheart of a girl

this is alyshia…one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet. i met her about a year and a half ago at our church.  we got to be cabin buddies at a winter camp and i have enjoyed getting to know her ever since.  i even get to see her twice a week.  twice.  lucky […]

hot like fire

this is erin and ryan.  ryan used to drive an ambulance that came by my work and is that awesome mix of talkative & funny.  erin is one of the raddest chicks around and we first crossed paths when she came with ryan to visit me and my newborn baby girl in the hospital.  he […]

sweet honey love

it’s her real name…honey.  at first, it felt weird, you know, calling her honey.  like it was too soon for a pet name or that i maybe sounded condescending.  but i am over it now.  and derek?  he got lucky!  not only is honey simply amazing…but he didn’t even have to make up a oogly, […]