Month: February, 2011

a spring engagement

if i could style a spring engagement shoot…it might look something like this.  two shoes choices, of course.  why would there only be one?  extra accessories to toy with, try on and just have a little fun with.  the jacket is insurance since we are in rain country folks.  that umbrella…it’s all-weather.  shade from the […]

thirty tiny toes

oh how the heart swells for three.  extra room created within the chambers to make space for three times the amount of baby to love. mini mohawks in that newborn fluff.  soft little tufts of hair that can’t help but curl from all the cuteness. three times the amount of adorable-ness.  thirty little tic-tac-toes to […]

reflecting green

i have a sweet tooth.  scratch that…all my teeth are sweet teeth.  i can’t resist them so i don’t buy them.  i have been known to clear an entire pan of brownies, all thirteen by nine inches if we need to be specific.  mix boxes can’t even rent space in my pantry due to my […]

happy day

i heart knee socks.  so does my daughter.  short socks “make my legs feel all cold and alone” she recently told me. we also share the same gene that says “i am not certain which valentines day socks to wear today, so i will just wear them both.” happy valentines day.

the list

i was blaming it on a full moon.  the one from a week and a half ago.  on the cereal i had for breakfast.  because i do believe that cereal is a sucky way to start your day.  that you get tricked in to feeling full but then, you aren’t and you are hungry thirty minutes later. […]

beyond awesome

she kept telling me they were awkward.  that we didn’t need to spend much time on the shoot because they didn’t know what they were doing and they just wanted a few family photos.  they were the farthest thing from awkward.  more like awesome to me. i love this family.  they are my church family. […]

all for kicks

she was reading green eggs and ham.  the same book i used to make my mother read to me endlessmillion times.  she has it memorized but not accurately so i had to help her slide her finger along the words to make sure she was actually reading.  there were no other thoughts in my head except for […]


he just wants to help.  watching is not good enough and chatting is too boring.  he just wants to wipe the world clean with a sponge.  so i gave him a try.  he was on the floor when the gift was passed to him.  looking around he noticed a step stool and immediately figured out that was […]