Month: January, 2011

four little birdies

it’s been a little quiet around here —  around this blog.  there is good reason though.  our little nest is growing.  come this july we will have another sweet little mouth to feed, another bedtime song to sing and another little warm body to snuggle with. so with sweet anticipation, we wait.  slowly swimming through […]

in my moment

if i was honest with myself, i would admit there are times i find it hard to stay in the moment.  to be.  right where i am.  to keep my mind harnessed, my thoughts tied down, and my planning in another pocket of my brain.  we all have so much to do, so much to […]

dancing in the by Amy


it was supposed to rain.  we had umbrellas and a plan to hit every awning or overhang in the downtown tacoma area.  we all showed up in true northwest attire…you know…north face fleeces, columbia jackets, and floating thought bubbles with the word ‘starbucks’ written inside.  but it didn’t rain until after our session was over […]

you can do it

as a mother, i battle with the whole let-them-run-like-hooligans thang.  they are boys.  they have tons of energy.  enough to recharge a solar powered fighter jet i am certain.  most times i make them go in the backyard or tell them to knock it off but this time, it was allowed. ethan is two while […]