Month: November, 2010

get comfy

every year we buy a few fancy outfits to wear for our visit with santa.  the kids look adorable right?!  the boys are sweating and pulling at their collered shirt and my girl is twirling around for all of seattle to see her britches.  they get cold, spill cocoa on themselves and wreck all hopes […]

under the boardwalk

to me, santa monica pier is magical.  granted, it was my first visit and i do get excited very easily but still.  magic.  up top you have an array of colors, lights, sounds and that fortune telling machine from the movie BIG yet underneath and around, you have a beautiful ocean.  with quaint blue lifeguard […]

one year of cole

one year ago (almost to the day) mr cole-train came in to my life.  we are friends.  we share mashed potatoes, pizza and an intense love for shoes.  not to mention our unconditional love for his amazing mama and daddy.   (hey rif and taylor)  i am so blessed to have him and his family […]

happy feet

under that beautiful white dress, with it’s layers of shimmery fabrics and sheer whites, there are always two excited feet.  of course, the dress is exactly what the bride imagined she would wear on her wedding day but her shoes…those are the real girl.  some choose white or cream to match elegantly match to their […]

see me float

mister man was high on my list of people i couldn’t wait to photograph.  after slight facebook peeking, i knew he was drop-dead handsome and that i needed his yummy little smile!  he did not disappoint. the same went for little miss.  knowing of her affinity for jumping, we made sure to do a lot […]

thank you

thinking of the veterans i know today. my uncle who was spit on upon his return from vietnam. my cousins who have served many years with many long trips away from their families. my grandfathers whose war stories are in handwritten  journals, rows of medals and stacks of folded, musty uniforms.  locked away in spray […]

all smiles

at the beginning of the session, i usually ask for some insider info on the little people i am about to work with.  things they like, stuff that makes them giggle and ways that i can get them to warm up to me quickly so we can make the most out of our time together. […]

details details

the ties that bind and the keys that unlock… purest white and hand-stitched with love… piece by piece they come together… in anticipation of the resounding chorus… in memory of that one, standing in heaven instead of by your side… personal connections with the ability to bring a whole new melody to the moment… stepping […]

come style me amy b

a common request/plead from my awesome clients is “what do we wear for our session?!”  and i totally get this.  when we had our family portraits taken by the amazing inglin photography it was quite an event to get clothing arranged for us all.  i had no idea how to go about it so i just […]

triple vision

i decided i was lacking in the area of twins/triplets.  i really wanted the experience but had no clue how to go about chatting up a mom of multiples and convincing her i wasn’t crazy as i begged to “shoot her triplets”.  [enter facebook feed updates]  during a check of facebook i noticed a woman […]