Month: October, 2010

two years young

it’s time to stop counting in months.  when you wake up in the morning, you will be two years old.  not 14 months, six months or 23 months…two years. there is such joy over watching you grow but a wash of sadness at the same time.  right now, you are the youngest.  for the first […]

finley and family

my dearest finley, first off…happy birthday!  you are one now and it is quite hard to believe.  i remember meeting you for the first time way back when you were four months old.  you were so giggly and sweet.  do you remember how we played at the park when you were eight months?  you have just […]

blessed busy

a perfectly busy weekend with some perfectly amazing people. brisk, fall walks along the boardwalk, triplet monkeys in a barrel and fun in the forest! it’s a bit hard to concentrate with all these pretty pictures to look at!

little big malia

nine day old malia. she may be little now but she has some xxl coming her way!

time out

tantrums on the floor.  screaming for no reason.  boo boo lips.  tears all down the cheeks. it was time for mama to take a time out.  the morning was hard.  the clothes i so carefully laid out didn’t seem to ever make it on their little bodies, clearly due to lack of effort.  whining started […]

farewell jonah

it has been a rough week. life in the military is a different life for sure. not better or worse than “normal” life…you know, civilian life.  it is just different. one of the many things that makes life different is your friends. sure we have our friends from long ago, back in the school day […]