Month: September, 2010

they are

i want to start a fan page on facebook for this family.  some of them i just met on that beautiful afternoon.  some i have known for a time.  but all of them, i love.  seriously.  they are UHmazing.  i was so honored to be a part of this amazing, most likely once-in-a-lifetime event.  the […]

mini sessions

we go together like

one taste was all it took.  just like diet coke, i am addicted.  i feel like yelling “slideshows for everyone!” at the top of my lungs as if i were serving them at a restaurant.  there something so so so special about these things…they seem to mean SO much to the people who receive them. […]

avery doodle

my sister in law has amazing taste.  she buys the best quality organic food, she works for the best companies and she has the best taste in quality home decor.  it never hurt my feelings that my sis-in-law didn’t ask me to do her photos.  honestly.  i knew she was a stickler for amazing images […]

true friend

everything is more fun with your best friend.  even senior pictures.  who better to make you laugh and smile at the right moments, other than the dork behind the camera, and who better to help you come up with awesome ideas for each shot?  this is jennifer and nicholette.  they are the very best of […]