Month: August, 2010


a couple months back, i received a phone call to do some senior shots.  since my business is still fairly new, just the fact that she was referred to me by someone else (thank you sweet friend who rhymes with Shmia) made me super happy.  but then, she had a request.  her son had one […]

mr anderson

this is nate.  he and i go way back, way way back…at least 8 months.  his parents are in the same small group with me and they are awesome.  so it is no surprise that nate himself is awesome. nate plays tennis.  very well.  well enough to earn the state championship title.  and get that big snazzy ring you […]

sweet love

I was told that she was the kind of girl that saw the very best in everyone.  that it took a lot to make her upset.  that she was always happy and kind to everyone.  she…was all of this and more.  [side note] rachel's maiden name is 'fudge'.  even her name is sweet?! [end side […]

bittersweet symphony

the day couldn’t start out easier?  rain.  speeding tickets.  someone falling in a parking lot.  missing necklace and earrings.  delivery times delayed.  dress straps busting.  poor laura.  it was a lot to deal with right before she was about to walk down the aisle. dresses were fixed.  jewelry was found.  hips can be replaced and […]

the good stuff

i love it when people are playful and fun with me on a shoot.  jessica (see a peek at her wedding here) is SO much fun and i just adore her giggles.  i mentioned how funny it is when a bride has to go potty and how their dress is so hard to contain.  that little hamster up top […]