Month: July, 2010

face art

annastina is an up-n-coming make up artist.  she is fabulous.  she has fabulous friends.  in an effort to boost “the looks” in her portfolio, she needed a variety of lovely faces with an array of different makeup techniques.  so, she invited six different beauties in for a free make over and some grub.  and then […]

finley + four

remember sweet finley?  you know…that four month old with the big open mouth smile, those long & sweet eyelashes and her crazy big eyes?   yeah…that finley!  she wasn’t feeling too hot just a day before our play date but, as a true model does, she was able to battle through it just in time! […]

big sexy

that’s what his mama calls him…big sexy.  just sometimes but it is perhaps the cutest nickname i have ever heard.  and he owns it.  this is magnus.  he is only seven days old but in case he had a complex, i made sure to remind him he didn’t look a day over 5.  he sighed […]

purple & gold

it all started at u dub.  university of washington if you aren't familiar.  they met here…brad and jessica did.  just some casual greeting in the hall and bam…now they are gettin' hitched.  at u dub.  see…they were meant to meet and get married here.  the school was even designed for them.  j and b above […]

happy birthday usa

hope you had a wonderful independence day with lots of friends laughing, full tummies, and sparkly things dancing through the sky.  

cheerful giver

i have been looking forward to this shoot since april.  april.  yeah.  between the rain and the rain, we kept having to cancel.  you see, this awesome family has some awesome property and an awesome home which we really really wanted in their awesome shoot.  so we waited.  and finally…a partially sunny day with a […]

of the greats

the night before cowboy cole's birthday party, his dear family invited me to join them for dinner.  seriously.  how kind is that?  when my awesome clients/friends open themselves up to me, the crazy photographer who is barely housetrained, it really allows me to get images of them in the most intimate and loving of times. […]