Month: May, 2010

a little more tot

laughing with daddy. airplane with mama. he's got his whole world, in his hands.

senior maxfield

ryan is very smart.  like super smart. ryan can be quiet.  even in his silence, he stands out.  something-special type of standing out. did I mention ryan is tall?  well, he is.  like super tall. ryan is funny.  like super funny. ryan is creative.  and spontaneous.  I blinked and he was up a tree. I […]

matt matt

hello matt matt.  hello adorable belly.  hello big blue eyes. hello sweet toddler toddle.  hello big smile.  hello from-the-belly laugh. hello loving parents.  hello happy family.    hello wish flower.   good-bye matt matt and family.  what a pleasure to spend the morning with you three.


she loves to read.  loves might be an understatement. big…no scratch that…amazing things this woman will do. she honestly has no idea how beautiful she is.  i love her humble. this is her sister.  they have a fantastic closeness…it gives me the warm fuzzies. i did a happy dance after darn near every pose/location we […]