Month: June, 2009

baby back

chubby baby wrinkles = happiness pic #1 by amy ballard – hasselblad. pic #2 by amy ballard – nikon d80

Father's Day

gift from the kids. ingredients. soak. side dishes. full bellies. handmade cards by little hands. nap for baby. nap for papa. perfect twirling skirt.  just to look pretty for papa. little feet.  big shoes.  papas tickle.  kiddos giggle. best seat in the house. never can have enough. happiest of father's day.

about amy

devoted follower of Jesus Christ mother of three, wife of one obsessed with telling the story through pictures loves details dislikes sushi shoots nikon just because edits with photoshop because its the mack-daddy not a bit sarcastic

kate sessions

beautiful baby.  sweet furry shoulders.